Always be sure to read the “Guidelines” section thoroughly before beginning to work on your submission. Each Creative Brief has its own set of guidelines so review these first! The guidelines are created to help you understand as much as possible what the host is looking for.

Definitely do your best to follow the guidelines set by the host, but if you have an artistic itch that just can’t be ignored, we don’t want to discourage you from following your creativity. Sometimes selected artworks may not follow some of the guidelines, or may expand on the written brief in an imaginative way that the host didn't originally foresee.

If your work submitted follows the requested medium (i.e. film, photography, graphic design, etc.), you should feel free to follow your original idea outside of the aesthetic guidelines to a reasonable extent. This is because we believe your creativity should be celebrated rather than penalized - the main point is to create exemplary work that stands out to the host and captures the brief, and not to worry about getting disqualified on a simple technicality.