Talenthouse is a global platform that connects creators of all mediums and backgrounds with official brand campaigns! These campaign opportunities come in the following formats:



Open Briefs are contests in which ALL creators can submit artwork specific to the brand client's creative direction, instructions, and rules. Each Open Brief will award a number of Selected Creators prize money, as specified on the Brief Page. Open Briefs are live during the specified Submission Period in which creators can upload their work. Once the Submission Period closes, the brand's marketing team selects its choices for the winners. These prospective Selected Creators and their works are then verified to ensure contest eligibility and artwork originality. Upon passing verification, the Selected Creators will be announced on the Brief Page! The Selected Creators' works may be used in official brand marketing campaigns. Open Briefs may be limited to participation in certain countries. Always check the Creative Guidelines and Official Rules on the Brief Page for complete contest details before submitting.



Closed Briefs are commissioned opportunities to work on official brand campaigns on an invitation-only basis. These briefs are generally limited to 5-10 artists. Talenthouse regularly scouts for artists to commission for Closed Brief opportunities. Artists may be invited to Closed Briefs based on outstanding performance on other Talenthouse Briefs, and/or external scouting. We recommend submitting often to our Open Brief opportunities to get your work noticed!



Invite-Only Briefs are a contest format, similar to Open Briefs. Hence, there is no guaranteed commission. However, these briefs are not publicly available, but rather invitation-only. Artists may be invited to these briefs based on outstanding performance on previous Open Briefs, and/or external scouting sign-ups. We recommend submitting often to our Open Brief opportunities to get your work noticed!