Where does the Creative go for any questions or help?

  1. For any technical issues or questions to the bank; Creatives can use the chat function in the app or email: ElloU.support@aion.eu
  2. For anything above and beyond that, they can email: hello@ellou.com


What is ElloU?

ElloU is a money management service (which includes a regulated bank account), designed to make Creatives’ lives simpler, to take away the hassles of money management, and to take away the fees.


ElloU offers 3 membership levels:

  1. Free and Easy: a free and easy service for those who just want to get paid with no stress and no fees.
  2. Side Hustle: a service for those who have more money management needs. Maybe Creatives want to keep their work money separate from their personal money. Maybe they sometimes have payments in other currencies. Maybe Creatives want their spending to go a bit further with cashback.
  3. Professional: if a Creatives’ passion is their full-time work, this is the service for them. Practically zero fees on everything. Accounts in multiple currencies. Cashback on all spending. Great FX rates.


What are the details of different packages and cost?

  1. Free and easy (zero fees)
    1. Virtual account
    2. No fees on any money received from Talenthouse, Elloworks, Jovoto & EyeEm
    3. Free external and incoming payments in Euros (SEPA)
    4. Free external payments to other ElloU accounts holders globally
    5. SWIFT payments (incoming and outgoing) Euro 10
    6. FX transaction rate only 0.75%
  2. Side Hustle (5 Euro/M)
    1. Debit card
    2. Free external payments to other ElloU accounts holders globally
    3. Free external and incoming payments in Euros (SEPA)
    4. SWIFT payments Euro 8.50 (incoming and outgoing)
    5. Earn 0.1% cashback on debit card spending (exceptions apply).
    6. FX transaction rate only 0.50%
    7. ATM withdrawals at 1.5% of amount withdrawn
    8. Replacement card Euro 18.50
  3. Professional (10 Euro/M)
    1. Debit card
    2. Free external payments to other ElloU accounts holders globally
    3. Free external and incoming payments in Euros (SEPA and instant SEPA) 
    4. Free GBP and/or USD account
    5. SWIFT payments at Euro 7 (incoming and outgoing)
    6. Earn 0.35% cashback on debit card spending.
    7. Exceptions apply.
    8. FX transaction rate only 0.25%
    9. ATMs: First Euro 500 /month free, thereafter 1.5% per withdrawal
    10. Replacement card Euro 6.50 


Is it mandatory for Creatives to use it?

No, but of course we would like creatives to open an ElloU bank account and become part of our community. They can apply for the account if they are a national of one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and UK. ElloU will be the cheapest service for them to pay and receive money. They can read more here and can download the ElloU app from the App Store or Google Play by searching for ElloU. If ElloU does not apply to them, we can still pay their incentive in the way we would normally do.

How will it work for Creatives outside of EUR, UK and US?

We’ll pay these Creatives from ElloU so that we will be able to pay them with better FX rates than they are used to. Over time, we’ll be able to keep bringing down these rates and we may even launch ElloU in more countries.

Can a Creative onboard if they don’t have a passport?

For countries other than Poland and Belgium, we can only onboard Creatives with a passport. We are working on the onboarding through ID cards within our key markets in Europe. This will launch in Q1 2022.

How long does it take to open an account?

Approximately 5 minutes

What about data protection?

ElloU manage the data and to ensure maximum security, personal data is encrypted within our system. All data is processed within the EU. More information can be found in the detailed FAQs (data folder).

Where will my data sit (location)?

All data is processed within the EU.

Who has access to the data? Will Talenthouse sell my data to advertisers?

Please note that the data is processed by Aion Bank in accordance with GDPR and other regulation. The Creative can opt into receiving marketing offers, but these will come from Talenthouse and will be carefully curated to ensure they are relevant. For all information in relation to the processing of the data, please see Aion’s Privacy Policy: www.aion.be/privacy-policy.html

Can a Creative use the ElloU bank account to get paid for non-Talenthouse jobs?

Certainly. This is a normal bank account with an IBAN number and can be used to receive other payments as well.

Can the Creative have multiple accounts?

A Creative can have multiple currency accounts IF they opt for the Professional account.

What is our ultimate vision for ElloU?

ElloU is the money management service built for Creatives, by Creatives, which gives them financial freedom alongside the personal freedom to do what they love.

What are the benefits of ElloU?

From its launch, ElloU will be the cheapest service for Creatives to pay and receive money. Over time, we make ElloU market-leading in other areas too. For example, we’ll save them tons of money on subscriptions and on merchants' offers. We’ll provide them with a gateway into all of the financial and non-financial services they need to run their financial lives. We’ll also provide them with content and recommendations to improve their financial health.

What do we say to Creatives who are skeptical about ElloU as they may not have positive experiences getting paid in time by Talenthouse and/or its subsidiaries?

By launching ElloU we are taking away the interaction with Paypal which is our primary online payment system at the moment. Through ElloU we control the full payment process which will increase the efficiency of paying and at no cost to the Creative.

This is however only the first step. Optimizing our payment processes will be a priority for the months to come.

When was ElloU launched?

ElloU was launched on Talenthouse.com on 29th November 2021

ElloU was launched on Jovoto.com on 13th December 2021

For whom will it be launched?

To be clear: anyone can open an ElloU account. That said, we are proactively rolling out ElloU for our employees and the Creative community in Europe, followed by US and UK.

What about the launch in UK and US?

We aim to launch ElloU in UK an US in H1 2022.